Sunday, March 31, 2013

Becoming an Architect - Best Path

Thank you for taking some time to read this, I hope you can help me out.  My first passion when I left High school was to become an architect but I haven’t picked up any artistic talents for a while(was my strong point in HS).   I wasn’t that great in the maths or in the science side of things.  However I was persuaded to not go into the field because in Bermuda (where I live) there seemed to be a glut of architects and well frankly at the time it was felt that pay wasn’t that great.    I was also a son of an immigrant, money was tight, and I felt I should pursue another avenue.  I got into IT eventually and well  stuck with it for 15 or so years with the same company. 

I only have an associate’s degree in Arts(2 year degree equivalent) and it’s so old I’d very likely need to start from scratch.  

Is there a path where I can formally validate my present career(it’d be easier since I’ve been in it for a while and I’d probably prefer the business side of things) while at the same time providing a bridge to architecture to save on time?
I’ve toyed around with the idea of getting a bachelor’s of arts in IT (strong focus on the arts, possibly with the option of eventually picking up a second major) then getting a master’s in architecture.

I’m wondering which masters in architecture degree offered at a university would provide less years of completion based on bachelor’s degree relevance? 

The college I went to is local in Bermuda but it has just recently received it’s New England accreditation.  Ideally though I’d like to go more in the southern states.  Another option also is to go to Britain.  What are your thoughts?


First, I must share that my expertise is in becoming an architect in the U.S. and not Bermuda.  With that said, the only path would be to complete an undergraduate degree in any discipline allowing you to pursue the Master of Architecture degree at an U.S. architecture program.  The degree would take you between 3-4 years depending on the one you attend.

If you could transfer to an undergraduate degree in architecture, you could pursue the MArch which can be done in two years but transferring will depend on your coursework to date.

For a list of accredited programs - visit --

Now, given you current background, it may be that you could pursue employment within the architecture profession, but you would not be an architect.

I wish you the best.

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