Saturday, March 2, 2013

IDP Six Month Rule

I have been gaining work experience in a architectural firm for close to nine years in lieu of a degree and I would like to start pursuing my license. I read through NCARB that a six month only window is allowed.

1) Is it still possible for me to back track my time acquired at this point through IDP if I never started recording my progress through there online system? 

2) Will all my work experience prior to six months ago be considered void under there current guidelines?

3) And if so, what should I do to become qualified for the examination process at this point in my career?

Thank you for reading! And I look forward to your suggestions on my next possible steps regarding my future.

Given that you questions are related to IDP, a program of NCARB, you would be best served to contact them directly (customer or your state IDP Coordinator (see below).

As I understand IDP, you will NOT be able to back your experience, but confirm with NCARB directly.  And yes, any work prior to six months from when you enroll with a NCARB Council Record will not be counted towards IDP.

As for what you should do, I am not sure because you do not share your educational background, etc.  You may wish to contact again the state IDP Coordinator or your state's department of professional regulation.

IDP - 

Reporting Requirements

Interns must submit all experience including supplemental experience in reporting periods of no longer than six months and within two months of completion of each reporting period.
State IDP Coordinators

Registration Boards


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