Sunday, March 31, 2013

Education Paths

Sir, i am eagerly waiting for your reply to come. hope you can take out sometime to answer them.

1.) Doing architecture in USA from top universities would be too costly so i am left with two option either i do only B.arch  from a middle level university in U.S and then work as an architect or doing B.arch from India and then M.arch from a little higher level university in U.S  because the cost reduces as years reduce. Also i read somewhere that b.arch and m.arch from  us is almost considered equal. I would like to ask you according to you which one is better doing it from India and then coming to USA and putting my 3 years extra in masters or rather doing it from us directly and putting those 3 years into my experience.

2.) Sir i am really sorry but reading your article has put me into a new 
dilemma if i decide to come to us for my b.arch what if somehow my mind shifts because i really cant let this happen. My parents wanted me to pursue engineering but i wanted to pursue this. So i told them they are totally okay with it but still i have no chance of regretting after i come into this career That is why i have no chance of reverting back from this career.
I wanted your opinion regarding these issues and if any help you can provide me it would be highly grateful .

thank you 


First, your decision on where to attend should take into account many different factors -- some as you suggest - cost, location (U.S. or India) and some you do not mention - reputation, faculty, courses, etc.

Ultimately, you must decide what you see as your career path and decide accordingly.

Do note that there are two different accredited professional degrees in the U.S. - 1) Bachelor of Architecture - typically fives years of study and 2) Master of Architecture - typically 2-3 years of study based on the undergraduate degree of the individual.

Also, there is a Master of Science in Architecture for those with a professional degree (or foreign equivalent) that typically is 1 - 1 1/2 years.

Thus - you could do any of the following: 

1) Come directly to the U.S. and pursue the 5-year BArch
2) Complete the BArch in India and come to the U.S. for either the MArch or the MS.  You would pursue the MArch is you wish to become licensed in the U.S. or the MS if you wish to continue your studies on a focused area of the discipline.
3) Pursue engineering in U.S. or India and complete MArch

As you can see, there are options.  You will need to research them all and decide which is the best based on your criteria.



Fantasy said...

I am a final year student of B.Arch in India and would like to do my masters in USA. I am confused whether to take up M.Arch or MSSD(sustainable design post professional degree). My intention is to complete studies and get licensure in usa. Kindly advise the suitable course.

Dr. Architecture said...

Fantasy - If you wish to become licensed as an architect in the U.S., you MUST pursue the NAAB accredited Master of Architecture. The MSSD is not an accredited degree.

As your degree from India is probably equivalent, you could pursue licensure via another route but it would take longer --