Saturday, October 13, 2012

Transfer to Architecture

I was wondering if you could help me, I am graduating from a Architectural Technology program with a Diploma and I would like to go to the next step in getting my Bachelors in Architecture. How do I got about finding schools that will transfer credits, where I can get the most out of what I have already completed? Any information would be extremely helpful! (I am located in Canada and would prefer to study there, but I am open minded about the U.S and Internationally). Thank you! 


First, there are no BArch programs in Canada.


Next, you can research architecture programs in the U.S. from the following:


To best determine how to transfer, you will need to be in touch with each respective program.  As you do so, be ready with not just your transcript but also course syllabi, etc.


Dr. Architecture. 


Anonymous said...

Hi this is in reference to your comment "there are no BArch degrees available in Canada"

I was on the OAA (Ontario Associaton of Architects) website in the section Becoming an Architect and I read that B.Arch programs are available in Canada and are required in order to join the OAA and become an architect

"Canadian programs are currently offered at both the bachelor level (B.Arch.) and the master's level (M.Arch.); however, the professional degree is granted only at the master's level."

Dr. Architecture said...

For a list of accredited programs in Canada, see below -- all are Master of Architecture.