Sunday, October 28, 2012

Interior Design to Architecture

Okay so the thing is, the university I applied to didn't offer me admission in its B.Arch program (which was my first option) but is ready to take me for its Interior Design program (my second option).

Since a very long time I have wanted to pursue the profession of architecture.  So now the question arises-do I take the offer or I don't) But before making that decision, I need to know a few things because of which I'm writing to yo.

So I have two questions.

1- If I have a 4 year Bachelors Degree in Interior Design and I want to do my Master in Architecture, the universities will consider me for their masters program in architecture right? I will be eligible for continuing my studies in the field of architecture right? And later on I can practice as an architect(after passing the license exams) ?

2- What degrees (masters) are offered in architecture? Coming from an interior design background (a 4 year Bachelors in Interior Design), what degree options do I have for masters level after which I'll be eligible for a job in a firm as an architect?

I'm really really looking forward to your reply.


Answers to your two questions:

1) With a degree in interior design, you would be eligible to apply to a NAAB accredited Master of Architecture; however, the length of completing the degree would be 3-4 years.  

2) The only degree to pursue to become an architect is the Master of Architecture.  Once you have completed the accredited Master of Architecture, you could certainly seek to pursue a post-professional graduate degree in any number of disciplines -- urban design, sustainable design, preservation, etc.



educator said...

Many times, a school will accept a student into its ID program, but allow a transfer into architecture later on, depending on performance. Check the curriculum for the ID and B. Arch. program to see if this is possible.

Answer #2 is somewhat misleading: as an answer to the question, it should state: "With a BS ID, the only way to become a licensed architect is to complete a NAAB M. Arch. degree, which will typically be 3 years. "

Taken out of context, the statement ("the only degree to become an architect is a M. Arch.") implies that a B. Arch. would not qualify one for licensure, which is of course, false.

Finally, some M. Arch. programs might be quite generous in granting advanced standing to a student with a BS ID, depending on the portfolio and academic record.

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