Saturday, October 20, 2012

Becoming an Architect? 3rd Ed. - Need help!

I need your assistance!

Last week, I submitted a proposal for 3rd edition of Becoming an Architect to publisher, Wiley & Sons; I also talked with my editor who will submit to editorial team next week -- she is confident that it will be accepted.

Thus, for next 10 months, I am writing but I need your help.  Do you wish to be profiled if you are an architecture student, emerging professional or architect? or Do you have thoughts of what should be included in the next edition (see TOC below)?  If so, please contact me -

Becoming an Architect
Table of Contents
1. The Definition of an Architect.
What Do Architects Do?
Profile of the Profession.

2. The Education of an Architect.
Path to an Accredited Degree.
Decision-Making Process.
Application Process.
You Are an Architecture Student.
Academic Enrichment.

3. The Experience of an Architect.
Gaining Experience as a Student.
Moving Toward Licensure.

4. The Careers of an Architect.
Career Designing.
Career Paths.

5. The Future of the Architecture Profession.
BIM-Building Information.
Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
Agent of Social Change.
Distance Education/Learning.

Appendix A: The Resources of an Architect.
Collateral Organizations.
Architecture-Related Associations.
Association-Related Careers.
Institutions Dedicated to Architecture.
Community Service.
Recommended Reading.
Appendix B: Accredited Architecture Programs in the United States and Canada.
Appendix C: Career Profiles.

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