Monday, October 22, 2012

Teacher helping Students

How can I help my high school student decide if architecture is what she really wants before applying to colleges?

Perhaps, the most effective method is to have them experience the discipline first hand.  You do not tell me what subject matter you teach, but you can relate every high school subject to architecture - be it mathematics, science, English, history or even physical education. 

There are numerous websites that can provide you with guidelines on integrating architecture with the subject you teach -- researching a building, designing a classroom, testing structures, drawing or sketching perspectives.

Another way is to connect with a local architect.  Invite them to your classroom, or better take a field trip to an office.  Many local chapters of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) have programs entitled "Architects in the Classroom."

As well, encourage your students to attend a high school summer program (attached).  These programs offered by college architecture programs are designed to help students learn more about the discipline and determine if they would be interested.  As well, have them begin to draw/sketch every day to learn the skill of "seeing"

Finally, obtain Becoming an Architect, 2nd Edition and visit to learn more about the process of becoming an architect.


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