Saturday, October 20, 2012

Job Searching Challenges

I can't find a job in architecture!
I have done every possible thing to become employed, yet no offers at all!
I attend architecture events in Orlando Florida regularly and network with architects.I applied for all kinds of jobs in architecture, from drafting, to design to internships. I visited the career center in college to check my resume and they keep admiring it,I even made a website for my portfolio. I graduated with a GPA of 3.5 with masters degree from a program in Chicago , and received some recognitions and awards during my years there. I don't know what I have been missing, why I can't find a job? This is very frustrating, sometimes I feel I made a wrong decision to get into this major.


As you have learned, the job market for architects is a tough one.

First, it is hard to say for certain why you have not yet found a position in architecture especially solely from your comments below, but you can always do more.  It is hard, but hopefully in the end -- it is worth the effort.

Certainly, the most effective career search method is "networking" which you are doing, but how do you network -- Do you introduce yourself with the "30-second" commercial?  -- Who you are, what you are about, and what you are looking for?  Do you inquire with them about additional connections or potential firms that may be hiring?  Do you obtain a business card and use it to follow-up after first meeting?

You state that you have applied for all kinds of positions, but have you also applied for positions outside architecture that still develop your skills - engineering, interior design, construction, etc.  Also, to develop skills, consider volunteer work with community design centers, etc. to develop connections and skills.

I applaud your being in touch with your Career Center on your resume, but check with IIT about their alumni network -- again, more connections.

In the interim, consider entering design competitions to keep your work in architecture continuous.

I fully appreciate your frustration, but searching is a full-time job.  I do not know all of the details of your search, but be positive.  Below is an article that may be of assistance.

Architecture and Beyond: Opportunities Abound


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