Sunday, October 14, 2012

Graduate Programs

Dear Dr. Architecture,

I really enjoy reading your blog. Its informative, precise and aligns with the current questions student of architecture often have. I have done my B.Arch (5 yrs) from Mumbai and I am looking to pursue a Master's Degree in US. I have a few question from the prospect of being a Master's student, I'd be very glad if you could answer it.

1. There are various schools I am considering, but the question often arises, which schools are known for which programs. For Example, from talking to people I have gathered, for Landscape Architects, GSD or Upenn is very good. Is there some list, where I can refer and conclude which school is known for which program, so accordingly I can prioritize.

2. I have always been passionate about architecture as a whole, its not that I can't choose a specification, I just don't want to. I love all the bits about Architecture, whether it be Master Planning, Urban Design, Building Technology or Landscaping. Many say its futile, if you are doing Master's and not adding any specific skill's to your resume. Is that true? How do these specific programs differ from one-another, in terms of, subjects, career opportunities, etc?

3. Could you enlighten me, on the job opportunities Architects in the United States have? As a student, what is the best way I can reduce my tuition? What is the avg starting income for a Master's student with prior experience of say about 1 and 1/2 years?

Thank you for you time and patience. I really hope if you can answer my questions. It will be very helpful. 

1. The best list of graduate architecture programs is both NAAB - - and ARCHSchools -  Both provide a list of accredited architecture programs.

For graduate programs in general, probably the best source is Petersons - -.

2. Given you have a B.Arch degree, you have the flexibility of pursuing any graduate degree.  Unfortunately, you will need to research each program based on your own set of criteria.  Much of what you decide will depend on your interest and future career goal.

3. As you might expect, opportunities in the architecture profession are limited, but are growing.  Most graduate programs have opportunities with graduate assistantships which provide financial assistance. 


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