Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Psychology to Architecture - Which Path?

I am determined to pursue a degree in Architecture after reassessing my career path. I graduated Rutgers with a degree in Psychology but art and technical strategy has always been my passion.
Without a bachelors degree in Architecture and no previous experience do you recommend that I return to school to attain a BA followed by a M.Arch? I should mention that my GPA was below a 3.0 and I have not taken the GRE.  

I would like to know what the best route is to take given my particular situation. I know if I  apply my energy to a career path that is my passion I will excel and recognize that it may be a long process.

Thank you in advance for your help. 

Given that you have an undergraduate degree in psychology, you would be best served to pursue the Master of Architecture (3-4 years) for those with a degree other than architecture.  Of course, you will need a portfolio to apply to a graduate degree; for that reason plus your GPA, you may wish to take some art/life drawing courses.

If you live near an architecture program, schedule an appt. to discuss your background and goals of becoming an architect.



WhatsOnTheARE said...

We second Dr. Architecture, since you have a bachelors degree go for your masters in architecture. Check out arcbazar to have an opportunity to design for real world clients and build up your portfolio.

Anonymous said...

You should take whats called a "3+ MArch" degree, essentially an extra 1.5 years.

MANY, if not most, architecture schools offer both the traditional 2-yr master program as well as the 3+ program.

You will need to take the GRE, assemble a portfolio, get letters of recommendations, and probably write an essay to be accepted, but they do take into account your lack of training in the field when deciding to accept you or not.

Also note that often 3+ students beat 2yr students in thesis projects so your architectural prowess will not be diminished by this route.. :)

Unknown said...

I have n interest in psychology as a major and I would like to study it but will it be helpful to the major that I'm studying now with it Architecture ?? If anyone can give me a advice me about this tanks in advance