Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sense of Direction?

i am a big follower of your blog and i want to say thanks for giving aspiring architects a direct contact with you. My reasons behind writing you is because I am totally lost. I love architecture for its design sense and want to go in that direction only. What should my major be at school and do I have to go to a NAAB school to be successful? These questions may seem really remedial, but I know the field of architecture is very broad and I just want to head in the right direction. 

You say that you love architecture, but do you wish to be an architect?  If so, I would advise you to pursue a NAAB accredited degree as it is necessary in almost all jurisdictions to become an architect.  With that said, you could pursue architecture as an undergraduate (BArch), graduate (BS + MArch) or graduate (BA + MArch).  The last route allows you to pursue any major as an undergraduate; select a major that you will enjoy and succeed.

Also, to help, visit the blog - and search on topics of interest.

Another resource to help you is Becoming an Architect, 2nd Ed.

Best - Dr. Architecture

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