Monday, February 20, 2012

Internship in another Country

I'm a 5th year architecture student from the Philippines and will be graduating by March of this year. I am planning on taking on an internship in another country (maybe singapore or canada) and was wondering, with just about 2 months of previous architecture internship experience, is that enough to help me qualify for an internship with a foreign company? Also, I would like to ask if companies today are really open to foreign interns?
My true expertise is becoming an architect in the U.S., not other countries.  With that said, I cannot address the work permit issue that comes from working in one country when an individual is from another county.

However, I always think it is worth applying for positions, internship or otherwise.  Granted, you would have two months previous experience, but that should not stop you from applying.  You may wish to network to the extent you can to gain access to firms in which you are interested.

You never truly know the answer to your question unless you contact them.  Also, why do you wish to work in another country?

Dr. Architecture

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