Thursday, February 16, 2012

Foreign Architect

I am writing to find out if I can practice as an architect in Massachusetts following a BArch from a state university in Malaysia.  The name of the school is Universiti Sains Malaysia (
Who should I talk to concerning my question? Please advise. 

I hold a degree in Economics and an MBA and have worked in the high-tech corp for 12 years. I'm currently evaluating my career and would like to go back to school in architecture, something that I've always wanted to study. 

Many thanks

Bottom line, you can become licensed in Massachusetts and the U.S. from the degree you list below, but the process is more longer and more complicated with a foreign degree.

Your best source for more information is the following:

EESA - Education Evaluation Services for Architects - as your degree would be a foreign country, you would need to have it evaluated against the NCARB Education Standard. (

NCARB - Foreign Architects - outlines what is needed. (

Another route that may be more challenging and expensive is to purse the NAAB accredited Master of Architecture (3-4 years) from a U.S. institution.  Just a thought.

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