Thursday, February 16, 2012

Launching your Career!

Hello Dr Architecture,
I am a senior attending a high school in Boston. I started to express interest in Architecture during my Sophomore year, but I really began to decide on my major at the end of junior year. After being accepted to WIT BS-ARCH program, I have been looking for different ways to really kick start my way into developing the skills and the mentality to a career in architecture.

Classes I have taken that I believe help are: 2 years of adv art, 1 year of Physics (highschool level), 1 year or precalc, and 1 year of Geometry.

In what ways can I prepare myself for the college courses and the architectural college life.


First, congrats on your admission to WIT.

At this point (prior to starting college), there are many ways that you can begin your preparation and career in architecture.  Below are just to get you started.

1) See - one of the most important skills of an architect is "to see."  Every day, truly see the built environment around you.  Take notice of details, buildings, and how people use the buidings.

2) Sketch - if you do not already, begin to draw/sketch every day.  Document what you see and develop your hand skills.

3) Read - go to the public library and read about architecture.  At this point, it does not matter the book; besides most architecture books are mostly images.

4) Visit online - there are many online architecture magazines and journals; take the time to visit, read, and see the images.

5) Connect - to the extent possible, connect with architects or current architecture students at WIT.

6) Obtain a Mentor - Through your contacts, find a mentor that you can tap as a resource for the rest of your career.

That is a start, there are many others -- Best in your launching your career.

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