Sunday, February 19, 2012

BA (hons) interior design to M.Arch program

I am having difficulties in making decision. I was wondering whether you can help me.  I am currently a diploma graduate with electronics engineering. But i am interested in architecture and want to pursue study in architecture field.

I applied BA (hons) interior design (3 yrs) program at Lasalle college of arts (singapore)  and also B.Arch architecture (4 yrs) at NUS (singapore) a few months ago. I have got offer letter from Lasalle college for interior design program. But for BArch program at NUS, the admin replied me that my diploma is not applicable for BArch architecture program at NUS. So, they might reject my application.

My point here is, should I take the offer from Lasalle and go for BA(hons) interior design (3yrs) first and after graduate, go for M.Arch ( which u mentioned in some post that it is applicable to apply to M.Arch with interior design degree and good portfolios). Or, should I take some relevant short-termed certificate course to get to B.Arch program at NUS for next year intake?

The key to making an important decision is having all the information you need to make the decision; as well, what are the most important criteria when making this decision - time to graduation, cost, other?

As I am not familiar with the degrees you outline, it is hard for me to provide any direct insight.  From working with many students over the years, most will typically take the most direct path to graduation.


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