Sunday, November 27, 2011

CV or Resume for Graduate Applications

Could anyone with experience applying to grad school, or experience in an admissions office, help me delineate which of the following would or would not be appropriate to include on my CV?
  • Actual descriptions of the scholarships and awards I've won (without actual dollar amounts, though, right?).  Could this get repetitive? 
  • Work experience that is irrelevant to architecture, i.e. waitressing jobs
  • A list of skills with various programs like CAD, Adobe CS5 Suite, Sketchup, VRay, etc.
  • Academic-related travel experiences -- I could go into detail here, but it would also be mentioned briefly under the "study abroad" category of my education, so I don't know
  • Fluency in a language
  • Descriptions for architecture organizations in which I really don't do much (i.e. AIAS)
I'm only used to making resumes, so I'm not sure what's appropriate for this purely academic situation. 

To determine what is most appropriate, I would consider contacting the actual academic programs to which you plan to apply.

Otherwise, do not get caught up on the differences between a CV and resume.  Simply include a resume that outlines the appropriate information pertinent to applying to a graduate program.

What you list above are all appropriate except for irrelevant work experience.  Of course, I do not think you need to include detailed descriptions of scholarships or architecture organizations.

If desired, have the career center at your school review.



Ruby Claire said...

There isn't much difference between cv and resume except their length. Resume is mostly written in 2-3 pages, whereas cv is end upto 2 pages only.

Resume Format

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Patty B. Wright said...

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