Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bridging the Gap - New Book

Bridging the Gap: Public-Interest Architectural Internships, an essay collection edited by Professor Georgia Bizios and intern architect Katie Wakeford brings together twenty-two contributors across the United States to address a broad range of considerations regarding public-interest internships.

“Bizios and Wakeford have assembled a timely, convincing, and highly useful collection of essays that demonstrate the power of public service to expand the education of architects through direct community engagement, greatly multiplying the dividends of internship. ‘Bridging the Gap’ enriches the literature on public-interest practice, and establishes the relevance of social equity to our continuing discourse on professional development.”
Professor Daniel S. Friedman
Dean, College of Built Environments, University of Washington

Having just read the above book, I can honestly say that it is a must-read for all architecture students.  It provides a window into the world of public service internships including the Rose Enterprise Fellowship.

Regardless of whether you wish to enter public service, you should still read this collection of essays.  My only hope is that the text helps convince the profession to be more accepting of this type of internship as a requirement for licensure.
Dr. Architecture.

Bridging the Gap

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