Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Architecture Portfolio

I am going to apply for the Master of Architecture, I am planning to put the urban design works into my portfolio because my major is Urban Design Studies. I just wonder do the most university want to see the fine art works or architecture and urban design projects in the portfolio?

Congratulations on your intention to apply to a Master of Architecture.

Your best resource to determine what graduate programs wish to see in a portfolio is to contact them directly.  As you will discover, they wish to see creative work -- this can include both fine art works or architecture/urban design projects.

Below are some portfolio requirements from architecture programs as examples.

Another resource is Portfolio Design by Harold Linton -- www.portfoliodesign.com --


The portfolio is a key element that provides essential evidence as to the applicants ability to be successful in the graduate program. Only evocative and professional portfolios with clear, concise graphics and verbiage that show the best of an applicants work should be submitted. The design and execution of the portfolio is an important indication of an applicant's design ability. Portfolios should conform to the following standards and guidelines.

Applicants to the professional degree, NAAB-accredited MArch., with little or no design background, may consider submitting examples of visual materials such as sketches, constructions, graphics and photographs.

The portfolio is a synopsis of one's creative work. As a visual essay, it tells a story of a person's interests, skills, and development over time. It should include projects that best express one's visual, spatial, and constructional abilities. These projects might include drawings, paintings, sculpture, or photography; graphic, industrial, or interior design; architectural, landscape, or urban design.

Best in your applications.


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