Monday, November 7, 2011

Architectural Specializations

Dear Dr. Architecture,
I’m a graduate of B.Arch from India. I have a few years of experience working in architectural firms in Hong Kong. I have seen many people’s comment on the net saying they had their advices from Dr. Architecture. I have never known who it was, after only coming across your website and found it was you. The website was very interesting and I personally need some advices from you.
I have completed my professional degree of B. Arch (five years). Although B.Arch and M.Arch are professionally equivalent, the term Bachelors and Masters make people tend to think the B.Arch is lower than the M.Arch. Moreover many large architectural corporate firms job requirements were a Master degree rather than a Bachelor Degree. Even many architects think B.Arch is not as equal to M. Arch.
In India the architecture curriculum is of 5 years to attain B.Arch. Then an M.Arch (2 years) which is considered a Post Graduate-Masters. But many people mistaken it to be M.Arch – Graduate degree. Moreover just a basic M.Arch degree of 2 years is never opted by majority of the students instead they go for Masters in some specialized field. Many people from India after completion of B.Arch go to U.S.A or U.K. for pursuing M.Arch – Graduate degree (which is equivalent already) without this knowledge.
I learned from your website that the B.Arch and M.Arch degree is professionally equivalent. My degree is not recognized by the HKIA (Hong Kong Institute of Architects) although I’m recognized in India by the COA (Council of Architecture, India). I thought of doing a Masters in some specialized field in U.K. or in U.S.A rather than just doing a basic Masters. So I’m looking in for a Post Professional Masters in some specialist field relating to architecture.
It’s confusing for me to take into a specialism because I really don’t know which interests me. I thought working for some time would help me figure out which stream to take but still I’m confused as the work which I normally do in the office is all general planning and design. I wanted to know all the available specialism streams in architecture so that I would know which would interest me.
I hope you could sort out my problem and I truly appreciate any time you have to advise me.
Thank you in advance.

First, the BArch and MArch (from U.S. institutions) are professionally equivalent in the U.S. in terms of accreditation.  This is not necessarily the case with foreign degrees such as yours.

If you desire a post-professional degree, you would be well served to seek a M.S. in Architecture in the United States.  However, if you ever wish to become licensed in the U.S., you may wish to obtain the professional M.Arch.  Another route is the BEFA program through NCARB.

With that said, you question involves specializations.  Unlike perhaps medicine, the list for architectural specializations would infinite long, but the list below is a starting point.  It is from, a database of accredited programs in the U.S. and Canada.  If you desire, you can search programs based on the specializations.

Also, as you have the professional degree from India, you could also pursue a degree in a related discipline such as Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, etc.

Architectural Design
Art and Design
Building Information Modeling
Building Technology/Environmental Systems
Community Design
Computer-Aided Design
Graphic Design
Interior Design/Architecture
International And Regional Architecture
International Development
Landscape Design
Professional Practice
Sacred Spaces
Urban Planning and Design
Dr. Architecture


Brythym said...
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Unknown said...

A post professional degree is always better to have better knowledge.

nancy said...

i have done b.arch from india,i need to know that which r the exams to be qualified to get admission in u.s. for m.arch and also tell me what r the criterias to get scholorship for the same.

azharuddin said...

hi i have done my B.des ( interior designing) in india i would like to pursue B.arch part time in short term basis because i have a work experience in the same field for three years is that possible ?

akshay said...

hello sir,
I have done b.arch from indian university & i was interested for masters in this field. i was planning to go for uk but after doing some research i came to know that in uk you have msc & ma courses in architecture. but these are not accredited by riba or arb. i would alsolike to if in india are these degrees equivalent to m.arch degree obtained from india.