Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Salary Information

I am writing from the Human Resources Department of Foster + Partners. 
We are currently undertaking some research into the salaries we would look to pay Architects based in New York at varying levels

Are you able to advise on salary information be able to advise where I might be able to find this information?

Determining salaries/benefits is not an easy task given the current economic climate.  As I advise job seekers, when interviewing potential candidates, you need to have a target salary, but an option is to certainly ask the questions -- what is your expected salary?

Below are some resources you may wish to research.

Architect Magazine - April 2010

Design Intelligence - Compensation and Benefits Survey 2011

ZweigWhite Salary Survey 2011 (expensive resource)

I do hope this is helpful.
Dr. Architecture


Melanie said...

Hi Dr. Architecture!

I am a high school senior trying to decide what major to pursue in college. I really enjoy organizing/planning spaces; on the other hand, I love writing. That presents two totally different majors: architecture and journalism. If I were to pursue journalism, would a university allow me to take architecture electives simultaneously? Then, after earning a bachelors in journalism with a few architecture credits, would I be able to pursue a masters in architecture?

Thanks for your help!

Dr. Architecture said...

Check out my reply in the main body of the Blog.

Melanie said...

Thanks for the reply!


MBA in real estate said...

Hey..This is wonderful job done..I would surely suggest my younger ones to go through this blog..