Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sustainable Design and Stadium Design

I'm really interested in both sustainable design and stadium design. Would you happen to know of any programs that have aspects of both of these? Or is there a website that I can plug in specific requirements. I've been able to find numerous programs that have sustainable design, but I haven't really seen anything pertaining to sports/stadiums. Is this more of a personal exploration once you get into a school or might there be programs that specifically focus on this. Thanks for your time!
As you have discovered, many architecture programs are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon.  In some ways, all programs must address the issue as it is one of the Student Performance Criteria set by NAAB for accreditation.  As for programs that emphasis stadium design, I am not aware of any. However, most graduate programs do not emphasize a particular building type.  They may emphasize housing, urban design, structures, high-rise, health care, etc.

For this reason, you may wish to focus on programs that do large-scale projects and structures as stadium design does require special attention to structures.  Even then, you may have a difficult time to locate any specific programs.  You may have luck seeking programs on other criteria and ask specific questions to those programs. 

Do let me know what you discover.  Bottom line, any program should be able to help you with stadium design, but some may be better equipped than others to help you.

Dr. Architecture

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