Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mathematics to Architecture

I am currently researching schooling related to the field of Architecture and I have a few questions.  I am a mathematics major currently enrolled in a accredited 4-year university, I also will be entering into my fourth and final year this upcoming fall.  I have not taken any classes related to architecture in any way.  So I'm wondering do I need to pursue a bachelor's degree in architecture to move on?  Or can I receive a bachelor's degree in mathematics and then pursue a master's degree in architecture at a separate NAAB accredited university?  Thank you for your time.

Given you will complete an undergraduate degree in mathematics, you are eligible to apply to a NAAB accredited Master of Architecture degree for individuals that have an undergraduate in a discipline other than architecture; these degrees are typically from 3-4 years.  You can view a list of degrees from either NAAB - or ARCHSchools -

As you have one more year, I would suggest you consider taking a art/freehand drawing course as you will need to submit a portfolio as you apply to graduate programs.  Also, try to visit some programs to learn firsthand about the program.

Dr. Architecture

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