Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meet Architect Barbie

 Barbie has been a doctor, a dentist, a vet and a racecar driver, but now the iconic doll that has inspired and entertained little girls for generations takes on the job of architect. With the help of two American Institute of Architects members, Mattel Inc., has announced plans for Architect Barbie -- complete with hard hat and blueprints -- to be the latest addition to its ‘’Barbie I Can Be…’’ line of dolls.

Mattel says it created Architect Barbie so girls can imagine designing their own dream house. In its marketing messaging for the doll, Mattel calls Barbie ‘’ready to tackle the daily responsibilities of a real architect in or out of the office.’’ 

Will Architect Barbie increase the number of young girls that wish to become architects?  I am not sure, but my 10 year daughter wants to be a veterinarian and has the veterinarian Barbie.

Finally, there will be workshops for over 400 young girls at the AIA Convention in New Orleans involving the Architect Barbie.  I will find out as I am volunteering.


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