Monday, May 16, 2011

Architect: Career Report

I am an 8th grader attending North Hills Preparatory in Irving, Texas. For a major project, I have to write a 900- 1200 word paper on the career of my choice and I am really interested in Architecture. I need to interview someone as a primary source for my paper. Could you please provide detailed answers to the following questions in the word document by tomorrow night, so that i may re- email you in case i need any clarifications? 

I very much appreciate you contacting me concerning your career choice paper; further, I applaud your choice of Architect.

However, rather than reply directly to your questions, instead, I will refer you to resources that will be more helpful in writing your paper (see below).

Occupational Outlook Handbook - this government resource will answer many of your questions below. Blog

Becoming an Architect, 2nd Edition - this includes profiles of over 50 students, interns, and architects
Dr. Architecture

Interview Questions
1.     Could you please state your full name and your career in the field of architecture?
2.     Was this field in architecture always your dream job? If it was, what motivated you to succeed in this career? What inspired you to want to become an architect? If not, how did you end up choosing this job? When did you end up choosing to go into this field? Was it your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. job preference?
3.     Are there different positions or rankings in your field of architecture? Who do you respond to and who responds to you?
4.     Do you work for a certain company or own any companies? If so what does the company specialize in and where is it located?
5.     What kinds of data, people, and things do architects deal with?
6.      What style of architecture do you do, why did you choose it, and what other styles are there that architects do?
7.     Are you supervised by anyone or do you supervise people and how does that work out?
8.     Do you have any co- workers? If so how are the relations between you and your co- workers?
9.     Is there great opportunity to relocate your job to a different place? Where are the best places to live with a career like yours and why are they the best?
10.  What are your opinions towards the job and what are others’ opinions towards it? Why are your opinions like that?
11.  How long have you had this career and what has kept you at it for that long?
12.  What is your schedule? Dou you make it yourself? Do you have holidays? How is your time spent and how do you manage your time?
13.  How big can architectural companies be? What is the average size?
14.  Do you have a fast average or a slow growth rate?
15.  How many annual job openings are there in your company? In the country? World?
16.  What are all of the forms of education that architects need to become architects? (Courses, training, etc.)
17.  What are the different costs, times, lengths, and benefits of each type of education and training?
18.  What are the certifications and exams that need to be passed for certification?
19.  Are there any promotions awarded in architecture? What qualities are needed for promotion? How much time is needed for a promotion? Is there a percentage of workers who are promoted?
20.  Could you use the education and experience you gained in this field and take it to another career?
21.   Could you start your own business? How would you do that?
22.   What is the salary range for the average architect? What are the salary ranges for each position in architecture?
23.  Are there any commissions or bonuses awarded to architects?
24.  What are the employee benefits?
25.  How are raises, promotions, and bonuses based?
26.  Is the job stressful? If so, why? Are there time limits, hard clients, impossible conditions, etc.?
27.  Does the job get more difficult with age?
28.  How much freedom and chance to express your creativity do you get?
29.  What are the chances of becoming an architect and getting a good job out of that?
30.  How sustainable are jobs in the field of architecture in a failing economy?
31.  Where do you usually work to do your job? An office, home, anywhere, etc.?
32.  What areas in the world are usually the best for architects?
33.  What is the process that an architect must go through from the beginning by creating a plan for a building, to finishing the building?
34.  What does an architect’s average day look like?
35.  And any other information about architects, their careers, education, etc.?

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