Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Could you help me out in UK universities which offer architecture?  Can I practice architecture in the US or india with a degree from a UK university?

I cannot be of any assistance with regards to UK universities.

As for your last question, you can become licensed with a foreign degree, but you must go through NCARB to have your education evaluated.  This is done by EESA - Education Evaluation Services for Architects.
EESA assists those individuals who wish to apply for NCARB certification or for registration by an NCARB member board and who do not have a professional degree in architecture from an NAAB-accredited program of study. EESA works with internationally educated applicants and with architects in NCARB’s Broadly Experienced Architects (BEA) program.

Obviously, if your intent is to become licensed in the U.S., you can always obtain a professional accredited degree in architecture in the U.S.

Dr. Architecture

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