Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pratt vs. Northeastern

I have just recently been on your site and I was wondering if you could answer my question if you have the time. The problem is that I am stuck between choosing Pratt or Northeastern. Pratt offers a five-year program to attain a B.Arch degree and then a three-year program for a M.Arch. Northeastern offers a four-year B.S Arch that takes five years to complete because they have a co-op program and then a year program for a M.Arch. Which route is better? Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

First, you need to understand the process of becoming an architect.  You will need to accomplish three tasks - 1) Education, 2) Experience and 3) Exam.  With regards to education, you will wish to complete the professional accredited degree by NAAB; this includes either of the two degrees you mention - the Bachelor of Architecture or the Master of Architecture. 

As both degrees from you are deciding are professional accredited degrees, you need to consider other criteria to make your decision.  What is most important for you in making this decision - cost, location, facilities, etc.  Have you had a chance to visit the programs?

I will suggest you determine the criteria by which to make the decision and compare each program against the criteria.  Do not compare the programs against each other.  Bottom line, the question is not which route is better, but rather which route is better for you.

p.s. Another option is to flip a coin where tails is Pratt and heads is Northeastern.  Flip it but do not look at the results.  Instead, what did you want the result to be when the coin was in the air.


Dr. Architecture

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Wilfrido A. Landaira said...

i don't know much about northeastern but i go to pratt currently, the first year i've head is basically the same everywhere (idk how true this is) but pratt is highly conceptual in their ideaology and teaching. if that isn't for you i'd chack out northeastern to see how they teach