Thursday, April 28, 2011

Architects and Beyond: Diverse Career Opportunities

I thought I would share the details of a session that I will be moderating at the upcoming AIA Convention in New Orleans, LA.  Amazingly, this will be the sixth AIA Convention in a row.  If you happen to be in New Orleans, please attend.  I will report the results of the session later in May.

Architects and Beyond: Diverse Career Opportunities
Thursday, May 12, 2011
2:00 - 3:30PM

LU  / HSW  /SD 

Program Summary: Because of the broad education and generalist practice of an architect, individuals with an architectural education regularly pursue careers that extend to a variety of field related-to or completely outside of the field of architecture.  However, current economic conditions and its effect on traditional architectural practice, pursuing careers beyond architecture are becoming more commonplace.

Using a Pecha Kucha like format, a panel of design professionals will provide an overview of their current career field – what they do, but more importantly why and how they came to pursue the current career field.  Following this will be an interactive presentation that engages the audience in learning the process of “career designing.”  Attendees will be guided to and through a variety of resources that will help them interactively actualize their own vision for their career.

After a question and answer period, resources will be shared with the audience.

Learning objectives
1.    Facilitate innovation and creative thinking pertaining to careers in architecture and beyond.
2.    Teach and interactively engage participants about the career design and development process and how it can be implemented.
3.    Examine how an architecture background can benefit a multitude of careers
4.    Implement ways to support, promote, and adopt alternative career paths.

Provider: National Associates Committee

Moderator: Lee W. Waldrep, Ph.D., Associate AIA – Assistant Director, School of Architecture, University of Illinois
Nathan Benjamin, Associate AIA - Planet Reuse
Wayne Mortensen, Associate AIA, NASW - Rose Fellow, Neighborhood Progress, Inc.
Casius Pealer, LEED AP - President, Oyster Tree Consulting, L3C
Derek Roberts, Associate AIA, LEED AP - Jacobs Engineering
Margaret R. Tarampi, Associate AIA - Doctoral Candidate, University of Utah

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