Thursday, April 1, 2010

ARE Study Resources

I've taken the Building Design & Construction System twice and continue to fail.
My feedback is i have "moderate deficiencies" in Principles/ Code & Regulations/ Project & Practice Management
I've passed the vignettes and other parts of this exam.
Could you please direct me to resources i can study which would allow me to pass these parts?
I would appreciate this greatly.

I am not sure what resources you have already used, but I would suggest you start with NCARB resources available to those taking the ARE.

Another great resource are others taking the exam. Contact your local AIA Chapter to see if they can put in touch with others taking the exam to form study groups. Also, some AIA Chapters host study sessions on the ARE.

ARE Forum - another source.
It is a resource for the learning community on the web with active users comprised of both practitioners in architecture and academics involved in research and teaching. The forum is free.

As a service it is unique; presenting and bringing together both academics and practitioners to further develop ideas, share information, and critique theory through practice.

Discussion occurs through a very active online forum under the watchful eye of resourceful professionals.

Kaplan AEC Education

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