Thursday, April 8, 2010

Career Decision.

Hello Dr. Architecture,

First off, I am convinced that you are an architecture angel (an arch angel! haha.) Your posts have been extremely helpful and easy to understand. But...the time has come, where I feel like my situation is too strange to base my decisions off of other people's special circumstances.

I currently attend University of Oregon and I am pursuing a double major in Judaic Studies and Interior Architecture(accredited 5 year program). I am in my second year of college..but technically a first year in the architecture school because I applied & got in as a sophomore. I realized recently that I am able to graduate as a Judaic Studies major next year. This realization left me with two options
1) Continue with my original plan - interior architecture & Judaic studies degree until my IARCH degree is finished in 2013 & graduate as a double major(IARCH & Judaic Studies) & triple minor: business, architecture, art history

2) Graduate with just a bachelor of arts in Judaic Studies and then apply for a M.Arch 3-4yr program at a graduate school. Assuming that I got into a graduate school and did the Grad program for 3 years...I would also be graduating in 2013, but this time...with a Masters degree.

What should I do? Stick with my original plan? Or graduate early as a Judaic Studies major & apply for Grad school? If I graduate early I could have the option to attend a different university - which would be nice to get another perspective. However, what do archiecture firms like better? A B.IARCH and Judaic Studies OR A bachelor of Judaic Studies WITH a Masters of Architecture/IARCH?

Thank you so much!

As to your situation, what you do depends on what your career goals are? Continue with #1 if you wish to graduate with an interior architecture and Judaic Studies degree; this will depend on what your career goals with these degrees. You would NOT be able to pursue licensure as an architect with only the Bachelor of Interior Architecture.

Instead, switch to #2 if you wish to pursue the professional accredited Master of Architecture after receiving your BA in Judaic Studies degree. This route leads you to the necessary degree to become a licensed architect.

Thus, what do you wish to be doing 10-20 years after graduation and which plan will allow you to get there.

Thanks and best wishes with your decision.

Dr. Architecture

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