Friday, April 16, 2010

Business student interested in architecture!

I am currently a third year university student studying for my degree in international business. The thing is, I'm started to really learn how much I love architecture...I love reading about it, seeing it in different cities and countries, sketching floor plans and designs...I really enjoy it. The problem is, I will be graduating next year with a degree in international business. Is there any way I could get a head-start on an architectural program after I already have my degree in something else? What about finding a business or marketing job at an architectural firm and seeing where that leads me? I realize that you need to have the proper degree to become certified...but do I have other options?

You are in a perfect place to become an architect. To get you started, I suggest you review the ARCHCareers blog as I have answered many parallel questions.

With your degree in international business, you are eligibel to pursue a professional NAAB accredited Master of Architecture (3-4 years) at any one of a number of institutions (

In the interim, there are summer programs to assist you in preparing materials for your portfolio; it may be possible to secure employment within architecture firm, but the current economy may make that difficult. You need to immerse yourself with the profession. Read architecture, look at architecture, talk architecture, draw architecture.

Before you graduate, seek out possible courses that connect international business and architecture.


Dr. Architecture

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