Monday, April 19, 2010

Selecting a Program

My daughter was visiting a particular institution this past weekend and I think will go there. Her primary reason is that it will save over $100,000 for the five years.

She was impressed with the arch professor who spoke with them, and she visited some of the studios, including his first year studio.

If money were not a factor though, I think she would prefer one of her two other choices.

Do you know anyone who graduated from the particular program in architecture?

Do you have any info on these three programs?

Certainly, money is and should be a primary consideration, but I do not think it should be the only criteria. Obviously, I am not aware of where you live, what other programs that she applied to, etc., but is she confident of the fit with the program she just visited?

Why would she prefer the other two choices? What criteria aside from finances is being considered. Where will she practice after graduation?

Unfortunately, I do not have much information beyond what you probably already know from visiting.

Dr. Architecture

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