Saturday, April 3, 2010

Summer Architecture Programs for Career Change

I have been following your blog,, for some time and feel that it has been an valuable resource in my career search. I graduated a few years ago with a Studio Art degree. Since then I've been kind of drifting through careers trying to find what I am really passionate about. I have been interested in architecture for a long time, but never pursued it academically. I am thinking of going back to school to study for my M.Arch, but I want to do as much research as possible before committing to this change or any specific program. I am currently teaching English in Seoul, South Korea so my access to English-language print material is limited. However your blog and other online resources have been a huge help in researching architecture and various schools.

I had seen a few lists of summer programs that are designed to help high schoolers gravitating towards a career in architecture make up their minds. Is there a similar list of programs that accept or are tailored to post-graduates considering a M.Arch? Does enrollment in one of these programs improve one's chances of acceptance into a graduate program? I have the necessary Calculus and freehand drawing coursework and experience and am working on Physics prerequisites. Is there anything else I should be doing at this stage maximize my chances for admission in fall 2011? I'm moving back to the States in May and I am willing to move anywhere in the country I need to be for a good, thorough summer program. I am excited to have finally found a career path that I am interested in and passionate about. I appreciate any assistance you can give. Thanks!

I am pleased to hear that you find the blog a valuable resource. As for summer programs, I would first start with the list of programs available from -- while many of them are targeted for high school students, I am sure some do or would be willing to accept individuals with a college degree. Below are a few that I do know of that do --



Los Angeles Institute Of Architecture And Design (more than a summer program)

As these programs develop materials for your portfolio, attending would improve your chances for admission. As well, you might be able to solicit a letter of recommendation from the faculty of the program.

In addition, simply become engaged in the profession - read book, online magazines, attend lectures or view online, participate in a summer program or take a drawing/life drawing course. Find a mentor, talk with current students, etc.

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i took marketing in college and i have always been interested in interior design and architecture..are there any architectural crash-courses for marketing