Friday, March 26, 2010

IDP at mid- or large-sized firm

I am currently finishing up my fourth year at a BArch program. I have held one internship at a mid-sized firm about a year ago, but I have not had any other relevant jobs/internships since then. I have finally decided to bounce back and apply for jobs again. Only this time I have some work experience on my resume, and I am specifically looking to start my IDP training.

Since I have only had one experience with one mid-sized firm, I am at a loss as to which firms to apply to. Should I stick with mid-sized or should I go for some of the bigger firms?
I'm looking to start my IDP training in a long-term position that will hopefully lead to full-time employment upon graduation. After getting laid-off at the previous mid-sized firm, I'm not so secure about working at the smaller firms; however how do the different sized firms compare in terms of IDP training?

Also, I know a good amount of people who have previously worked at a specific large firm; although that's good for getting referrals, it makes me wonder if the large firms are just one of those places where you work for a couple of years just to get the experience (and maybe the name) on your resume?

Given the current economy, I would not worry so much about the size of the firm, but rather on landing a position.

You may also wish to focus your energies on those firms that provide excellent opportunities for staff as it relates to IDP. See the link below for a list of firms that have been awarded for their work related to IDP.

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