Saturday, March 13, 2010

Choosing a School - BArch vs. MArch

My son is a senior in high school and aspires to become an architect. He has been offered admission to both Philadelphia University and Roger Williams University.

My question is to what extent does it matter if a person applies for a job and has a M. Arch (RWU) or a 5 year B. Arch (PU)?

Also, both of these schools will be up for NAAB accreditation in 2012. Is this an issue we should be mindful of?

Thank you in advance.

Congratulations to your son for admission to Philadelphia University and Roger Williams University.

For the most part, employers will probably not truly care the name of the degree (BArch) or (MArch) when your son is seeking employment in the field except in a few cases. For example, if an employer has a MArch, they be more inclined to hire a candidate with a MArch; the same may true for someone with a BArch. Of course, the MArch route may create more options as it allows departure after the undergraduate degree and attend a different graduate program and having a MArch may allow for future teaching opportunities.

I would suggest that you son determine what the most important criteria are when making his college choice and compare each of the institutions against those criteria to make a final decision. If curriculum or degree title is one of the criteria, he can make his decision accordingly, but I would NOT worry too much about what a potential employer will think.

The book, Becoming an Architect, 2nd Edition, has a tremendous section on "Selecting a School."

As for NAAB and accreditation, you should be mindful because it helps you better understand what you are learning to become an architect but not because they will lose their accreditation. Review the NAAB 2009 Condition ( You may even inquire from each school the results of the last accreditation visit, but there should be no worry about each school receiving an extension of their accreditation status. Regardless of institution, your son should become involved in the visit in 2012.

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