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Foreign Degree / EESA

I have a 4 year pre-professional degree from Washington U /St Louis (2008). After completion of this degree, I attended Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) in Finland where I received 48 credits in advanced study focusing on wood architecture and construction (60 credits are noted as one full time academic year on the transcript). I am currently doing further advanced studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, noted as a Master’s program in Architecture, which is a two semester coursework. Upon completion, the graduate is awarded the Diploma on Architecture (cand.arch.). I have an interest to obtain a license to practice architecture in Alaska, which requires a NAAB accredited or otherwise deemed equivalent degree/education.

My million dollar question to you is: Do you think I have a chance going through the EESA process with a 4 year pre-professional degree in architecture + 2 years of advanced studies in architecture from two different universities in Scandinavia + no practical experience or should I reorganize and attend an accredited program in the U.S. to insure licensure track? I’m concerned that an EESA review might not be favorable without a solid foreign study program to back up the 4 year pre-professional degree.


Given that you are receiving a foreign degree, you should be set to meet the NCARB Education Standard ( via the EESA process. With that said, candidates typically fall short through the evaluation process but can take additional courses to meet the deficiency. For example, many do not have professional practice.

I would suggest you call EESA (NAAB) for further insight. It will also help that you have the undergraduate degree via Washington Univ.

If you have a professional degree in architecture from a country other than the United States or Canada and your degree meets the requirements for licensure in that country, you must have your education evaluated through the Education Evaluation Services for Architects (EESA).

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