Monday, November 9, 2009

Career Change: HR to ARCH

I was reading a post on your blog site regarding the topic, "Career change. Too old?" Here's my situation. I'm 38, holds a bachelors degree in HR. I want to pursue a career in architecture. Nothing else makes more sense to me. Can I pursue an internship at a firm then return to school for a masters degree in architecture? My biggest regret is not pursuing a career in architecture, 15 years ago. I realize, now, that had I done a little research regarding architecture, I would be an architect by now. Please advise.
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C - You may certainly pursue an internship in a firm but it is probably unlikely that you would be hired because you have no experience yet in the field of architecture. A perhaps better route is to pursue your Master of Architecture. After your first year in the graduate program, you may count any experience towards IDP - Intern Development Program (

I appreciate that you wish you have pursued architecture sooner, but you are still not too old to pursue it. Research programs via the following:

Also, consider obtaining Becoming an Architect, available from

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