Sunday, November 1, 2009

AA to BArch?

I'm a sophomore finishing my A.A. in a community college. I'm going to start my last A.A. semester after the holidays. I was going to major in International Business, but I really have a passion for architecture, urban planning and development. I'm doing research about universities and how to become an architect. I really thank you for your informative blog.

My question is, Could I transfer with an A.A. to a university's architecture program for BArch? do I need any special requirements? I just need one more course (3 credits) next semester to get an A.A. Would it be a good idea to take other classes relating to architecture?

I live in Florida, and I heard that University of Miami has a really good program, have you heard about it? Also, when it comes to graduate school, I've seen different fields such as urban planning, urban design, etc. University of Miami has a program called Masters in Real Estate Development and Urbanism, is that the same as Master in Urban Planning? Which one would you recommend to be the better: getting a bachelors in urban planning and a MArch
or a BArch and a Masters in Urban Planning/development?

First, congratulations on your interest in pursuing architecture.

You could certainly transfer to an institution with a BArch, but you would most likely to take the full five years to graduate because you will need to take the full design curriculum. You may wish to consider transferring to a 4+2 program as you may be able to transfer as a sophomore or junior with your AA. To determine if you need any special requirements, you would need to be in touch with each program to which you plan to apply. For spring, I would certainly take courses that are required or consider taking a freehand drawing course to develop your artistic skills.

UMiami is certainly a good program. Research programs via -- -- or -- --.

Once you complete an accredited architecture degree (BArch or MArch), you should pursue the graduate degree of your choice that will provide you the credentials that you desire. You should contact Miami to learn more about their graduate program. My guess is that RED and Urbanism is different than urban planning.

As to your last question, the answer lies in what you are trying to accomplish

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