Sunday, November 29, 2009

BA Interior Design

I stumbled upon your site and found it to be very informative and helpful. But I'm a little bit worried from when you mentioned that architects can do interior design but interior designers cannot do architecture.

I am currently at a community college completing my GE's and recently made the plan to pursue a BA in Interior Design. As much as I like Interior Design I also have an interest in Architecture. I have also and am planning on taking multiple drawing/art classes as well as calculus and physics for Architecture. After reading about the 4+2 plan on getting a M.Arch I decided that would be the road I would take. I also felt like it would be a better idea since I'm almost done with my GE's and have taken a few art courses already.

But, from what you said, is getting a BA in Interior Design a good start before going after a M.Arch in my situation?

As the website - - outlines, you can complete the education requirements of becoming an architect in more than one way.

Given that you are at a community college, you can do pursue the BA in Interior Design as you suggest. With the BA in Interior Design, you would continue with the Master of Architecture (3-4 years) to obtain the NAAB accredited degree.

Another route would be to transfer to an undergraduate degree in architecture (BS in Architecture); note that this is not a professional NAAB accredited degree. The institution you pursue will determine if you are able to complete the degree in two more years after your community college work. With the BS in Architecture degree, you would pursue the Master of Architecture (two years) for the NAAB accredited degree.

Given your question, the pursuit of an BA in Interior Degree is certainly a good choice as it will provide good preparation for the eventual Master of Architecture. The undergraduate degree will also prepare you will materials for your portfolio when applying to the graduate program.

Best! - Dr. Architecture

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