Sunday, September 2, 2012

Psychology to Architecture

First and foremost, I have your book, and have read it among others. I have this burning fascination with Architecture and design that will not go away and I do not think it will. Therefore, as I enter my degree in Psychology at UCLA I am realizing working with people and design is a much better fit for me. Thus, I think I may be in the right field.

Anyway, I am in a Psych program and am starting my junior year at UCLA, with full intention of applying for Berkeley's Summer IN ARCH program for 2013. I am looking for CADD classes to take at home on the side, as well as reading material and studying on my own. The love truly never did die! Anyways, do you think this program would be a good fit?

I am not presently perfect at math but realize that taking Calculus and some Drawing Classes this year would be good elective choices. I also realize that the Summer program is not accredited but it seems the experience of Berkeley and also the possible LOR and portfolio build up may make the program valuable. I think it may also give me a cost-effective way to see if I really would enjoy Architect school.

Any advice based on my situation would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for reading my email and any response you may give.

Thanks for reading my book; I am hopeful that it is providing you some insight.

I congratulate you on your desire to pursue architecture after your psychology degree at UCLA and attend the summer program at Berkeley, but I would not suggest you take CADD courses.  Instead, take drawing or art courses to develop materials for your portfolio as you apply to potential graduate programs.

Also, as you are at UCLA, visit the architecture studios and talk with architecture students.  See if they have a course you can take as a non-major.  Consider attending their lecture series.  Contact some of the professors at UCLA for reading lists -- visit the architecture library.

Do not worry about the summer program not being accredited as it cannot be -- Only full degree programs in architecture can be accredited -- visit - to understand the accreditation process and a list of programs.

Get involved in the discipline and profession by seeing architecture; begin to sketch and draw what you see in LA.

I hope this gets you off to a good start.

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