Monday, September 3, 2012

Architectural Engineering to Architecture

My daughter has just begun the five year Architectural Engineering program at Oklahoma State University.  Is this a positive path forward to ultimately obtaining a Masters in Architecture and becoming a licensed architect?  Using this path, how many years of study would be required to complete the Masters in Architecture degree?  Appreciate your help and advice.

The length of time for pursue a Master of Architecture after her five-year architectural engineering degree will depend on the institution that she attends for the MArch.

In general, the Master of Architecture following a non-architecture undergraduate degree ranges from 3-4 years and depends on the institution and the degree that the individual possesses.

As a degree in architectural engineering is related to architecture, she may receive the waiving of some coursework but obtaining the MArch will take longer than if she obtain a four-year undergraduate pre-professional degree in architecture commonly known as a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies.

At OSU, they offer the five year NAAB accredited degree which will suffice to pursue licensure.  If she wishes to become an architect, she may wish to consider switching to the BArch or transferring to another institution.  If she wants to have background in architectural engineering as well as architecture, her pursuit of the degree in architectural engineering and architecture is appropriate.

Do let me know if you have further questions.

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