Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Professional or Post-Professional?

I'm from Dominican Republic; in my country we only have one degree: Architect, there is no such thing as B. Arch, pre professional.  You go to the university and take 5 years of design studios and clases.. and you are an architect.
I graduated a year ago, and now I am looking forward to do a master in USA, but I'm confused whether to choose a post professional or a professional, I love sustainable design, and that's what I'm aiming for.. but doubt keeps eating me!!! I also want to work in the US, so im not sure if i should take some "general" Master Degree just because is accredited by the NAAB… or go post professional with the Sustainable Design..

What is my best choice?
The degree to which you will pursue depends on your longer term career goals.

If you wish to pursue licensure in the U.S., you will want to pursue the accredited professional Master of Architecture degree typically two years in length.  To obtain a list of possible degrees, visit -- http://www.naab.org --.

Instead, if you are seeking additional architectural education, but intend to return the Dominican Republic after graduate, you would be better served to pursue the post-professional graduate degree in architecture.  These are typically named - Master of Science in Architecture and are one-year in length.

If you still wish to become licensed in the U.S. with a post-professional degree but you would need to have your education evaluated - see below.



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jesus melo said...

I am also from the Dominican Republic and wish to pursue licensure in the U.S
I want to apply for a Master in Urban design.

will this help me?