Thursday, November 4, 2010

Job searching

I was hoping you could help with career questions. I have a liberal arts degree and curious about any work available for someone without a architecture degree, I have some CAD and Photoshop experience. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


First, my expertise is on becoming an architect, but I will share some thoughts.

Given the current job market in architecture, it is highly unlikely that architecture firms will hire anyone without any architecture degree. With that said, you can certainly promote your skills to architecture firms, but you may need more than just SOME CAD and Photoshop experience. Outside of traditional architecture firms, possible other employer types might include engineering firms, landscape architecture firms, interior design firms or even construction companies. You have to think about possible employers who could use your set of skills beyond just the CAD and Photoshop. What skills did you develop from your liberal arts degree that would transferable.

Another thought would be real estate or manufacturers that need employees that know CAD.

Dr. Architecture

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