Thursday, November 25, 2010

IDP Hours

I came across your blog"ARCH Career" and found various posts which is very helpful.
I am B.Arch graduate from India graduated in 2008. I am currently in San Francisco, CA.
I just got in a part time job now, and I want to know if I can add those part time working hours to my IDP? Also I worked in India for 1 year in an Architectural Firm. I worked 6 months in 1 Firm, another 6 months in a different firm. Can I add these too to my credit hours? If so do I have to get a letter from my Previous Employee who hired me(From India)?

How do I start my IDP Hours? Do I have to register before I start accumulating my IDP hours?
I know I asked way too may questions.Sorry about that. I asked many people and no one seems to really know about the Foreign Degree.

I would really appreciate if you could help me regarding this.

First, I am pleased to know that you have found the ARCHCareers blog helpful.

Now, the best place for all of your answers on IDP is NCARB --

Everything you possibly want to know is outlined in the IDP Guidelines also available from the website. For example, with respect to working part-time, it counts if it meets this requirement.

Effective 1 July 2008:
To earn training hours in most work settings, you must meet the following requirements:
FULL TIME: 32 hours per week for a minimum period of eight consecutive weeks
PART TIME: At least 15 hours per week for a minimum period of eight consecutive weeks

Normally, you experience in India would count, however, NCARB now has the six-month rule which means you must document your experience within six months; again, review the IDP Guidelines.

To begin, start a NCARB Council Record -

I also found the attached Path to Licensure Handbook from the AIA California Council which may be helpful. --

Dr. Architecture

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