Friday, September 10, 2010

Starting IDP

I want to start my IDP process, but my degree is BA in Architecture, but not NAAB approved. I did my research and I know I can compensate that with experience in NY State, so there has to be a way of qualifying for IDP with that degree, but I cant figure out how. All of qualifications seem to involve NAAB approval. What would you recommend?
First, your degree, BA in Architecture is not eligible to be accredited by NAAB. What determines you eligibility in IDP is your current year and is your degree accepted for direct entry to a two-year NAAB Master of Architecture -- According to NCARB --

When can I start?
You can earn IDP experience once you have successfully completed:
next steps
1. Three years in an NAAB-accredited professional degree program;
2. The third year of a four year pre-professional degree program in architecture accepted for direct entry to a two-year NAAB- accredited professional master’s degree program;
3. One year in NAAB-accredited professional master’s degree program following receipt of a non- professional degree;
4. Ninety-six semester credit hours as evaluated in accordance with the NCARB Education Standard, of which no more than 60 hours can be in the general education category; or
5. A number of years equivalent to the periods set out in 1., 2., or 3. above, in a CACB-accredited professional degree program, or in a Canadian university professional degree program certified by CACB.

Where did you receive your BA in Architecture degree? If your degree is accepted to a NAAB Master of Architecture, you should be good; if not, you will need to wait until after you begin a graduate degree.

However, do know that NCARB is in the process of changing the eligibility dates. I would suggest contacting NCARB --

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