Sunday, September 12, 2010

Advice, Please!

Thanks for running a blog of service to things related to Architecture.

I just finished my B.Arch. (5 Year course) from School of Arch & Planning, Anna University, Chennai, India. I would like to acquire a NAAB accredited M.Arch. from USA, for which most universities suggest M.Arch of two years duration for NAAB accredited M.Arch. It would be a great help from experienced people like you, if you can clear my queries below:

1- I am interested in an M.Arch. with concentration towards Architecture Design, but NOT Urban Design/Sustainable/Environmental/Renovation. But most US universities offer concentration in Urban Design only. Please suggest some University names for architecture design concentration.

2- After M.Arch. before the long process of licensing, do firms allow me to work with my M.Arch. so that I can earn back my spent on university.

3- Though difficult to say, which parts of US have more Architecture firms, I mean opportunities wise for juniors like me.

Thank you so much for your valuable time.
Thanks for your kind words --

1) To learn more about architecture programs in the U.S., I suggest you search via the following website that allows you to search based on keyword -- --

2) Yes, with the Master of Architecture, you would be able to work assuming you have the legal authority to work in the U.S. As an international student, you may participate in CPT and OPT, but it does limit how long you can work after graduation.

3) I have no way of knowing where most of the architects are, but there would certainly be most firms in urban areas like New York, Chicago, Los Angles, etc.

I wish you well!

Dr. Architecture

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