Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Degree Equivalency

I am from Colombia- South America where I received my Degree in Architecture. I have worked in the USA as a draftsman for the past 5 years because I haven't validated my degree. Can you please let me know the steps and requirements to validate my
degree in the USA.

Assuming that you wish to become a licensed architect, the place to start is the following:

EESA-NCARB Evaluation Services for Architects

NAAB administers the EESA-NCARB program, which evaluates the credentials of foreign educated and broadly experienced architects against the NCARB Education Standard. EESA-NCARB provides assistance to individuals who do not have a professional degree in architecture from an NAAB-accredited school of architecture and who wish to either apply for NCARB certification or for registration by an NCARB member board.

Dr. Architecture


Anonymous said...


After I'm done with the EESA and have taken my courses to make up for classes I didn't take, the resuslts are sent to NCARB. I have enough IDP and the EESA said I only have to take english compostion. Somebody told me when they do the final review (EESA & IDP), they will they come back and tell me that I need to take more classes?

Anonymous said...

EESA and NCARB are not the same thing. You do your evaluation trough EESA, and then they forward this information to NCARB. You correct deficiencies trough EESA, and they update the information to NCARB. IDP is with NCARB not with EESA, they are the evaluators. NCARB will determine if you are ready for the ARE or not, depending of the IDP hours you have earn trough intern program with a License Architect, or several others ways they have listed.