Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am currently a junior year at my school and i was wondering how can I improve my creativity in order to become an architect. I'm just taking my architecture class this year but i feel like i need to take some other classes as well to improve my creativity. Any suggestions?

First, what architecture classes are you taking this year?

There are many ways to improve your creativity. Here are some --
  • Look -- Look all around you at the built environment. Look at the details of a door, a window, or another part of a building to see the creativity.
  • Draw -- If you can take a freehand drawing art course while still in high school. If not, simply start to draw. First, draw what you can see -- your hand, a tree leaf, a shoe. Later, draw what you cannot see but is in your imagination.
  • Read -- Check out books on architecture and read about design and creativity.
  • High School Summer Program -- If you schedule allows, attend one of the many high school summer programs that architecture programs offer. A list is available from
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