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Architecture Education Question

I have recently been searching both bachelor and masters of architecture programs and came across a blog of yours. After reading several posts I felt that your were certainly someone who could help answer some of my questions.
I am seriously interested in Architecture as a career, more specifically sustainable design in small construction. I am currently a Junior at Elon University in North Carolina and pursuing a bachelors in Environmental Studies. Unfortunately Elon does not offer an architecture degree, but being that environmental studies is also a strong interest, I feel it will work out for the best.
My question is what is the best path for me in the future, regarding additional education. Ideally I would have the least amount of additional education but not limit my career possibilities.
My girlfriend is currently selecting graduate schools for Marine Biology Ph.D. and I will likely end up living where ever she decides to go. FSU Tallahassee, NC State, or VIMS. I was wondering if I should be looking at obtaining a bachelors in architecture or a masters. After researching a few programs I've found that without a bachelors in architecture, a masters can take a substantial amount of time to complete.
Perhaps my true question is what differences in career options will I see between a bachelors in arch vs. a masters?
I truly appreciate any advice you can give me.

Given that you are interested in environmental studies and you are close to graduation, I would advise you to complete your undergraduate degree at Elon University and pursue a professional NAAB accredited Master of Architecture (3-4 years) for individuals who have an undergraduate degree in another discipline. Certainly between now and graduation, you should consider pursuing an art course (freehand drawing) to develop materials for a portfolio; an additional option would be pursuing an Ind. Study with a faculty that is connected to architecture in some way at Elon. In this way, you start your studies and could obtain a letter of recommendation from your faculty.

Pursuing the MArch will be the shortest path given your current education status. If you pursued a BArch, you would be retreating and the degree would probably take five years. A MArch would take between 3-4 years depending on the program. Both degree will allow you to become an architect.

As for potential programs, visit the following -- -- and -- -- Both have search engines to locate architecture programs by location.

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I think if you are sincere in architecture career you can achieve your goal. Our best wishes with you.

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