Sunday, February 21, 2010

Architecture prerequisites

I am an IB student who would like to study architecture after I complete my IB diploma in 2011. I'm would like to know if Physics, Maths and Art are all core subjects required to srudy architecture, or if not all of those subjects are strictly required by all universities to study architecture.

Your feedback will be much appreciated.

I have no way of knowing for certain, but I would suggest that all architecture programs require mathematices, probably calculus. I would also imagine that most would require physics. Many many not actually require art as you may think of it, but will certainly require courses in graphics, visual representation and the like.

Dr. Architecture

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tom said...

I was an IB student before I studied architecture, and I can offer some advice. I have researched many, many, many architecture schools and only one stuck out with IB requirements in physics, math and chemistry: McGill University in Montreal. While studying anything at the IB level will certainly help you, it was IB Studio Art which helped me the most in architecture.