Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ready to take ARE?

Dr. Architecture,
I have six years of working experience in an architecture office, AA degree of architecture from  community college, then went to a 5 yr. accredited architecture school but did not get the BS degree because I still have 2 G.E classes to full-fill. Now that i'm working full time and because of my financial reason I couldn't be able to go back to take the classes. Do my school credits and 6 years experience enough to qualify to take the exams?

Depending on the jurisdiction, you need two tasks to be completed to be eligible for the ARE.  You should definitely consult NCARB - http://www.ncarb.org --

Basically, you need either the NAAB accredited degree or an education that meets the NCARB Education Standard.  Next, you need to have completed IDP Intern Development Program - the experience under the supervision of an architect.

From what you have shared, you appear to be short by two classes of your degree. With regards to your work experience, it is hard to say because you do not mention IDP.  If possible, contact NCARB or the IDP Educator Coordinator at your institution.


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In order to take the ARE, you must: (1) Meet the requirements of the registration board you plan to receive your initial license from, and (2) Establish an NCARB Record.

For more information on getting started, visit http://ncarb.org/ARE/Getting-Started-With-the-ARE.aspx